The Color Purple

January 16, 2007

Since we can’t bring everyone into our small living room, we decided to bring the living room to the people.  In fact, we decided the best way to that was to bring a couch out into the public and have people share a story– a personal story while sitting on the couch.  The key was that the couch had to be a very special couch, a couch that would be symbolic of the best of our humanity.  We concluded that the couch could only be one color,  the color purple.

Want to Hear More Stories

January 15, 2007

After our aha moment in the living room we were overcome with the idea that we want to hear more stories, stories from our friends, our family and perfect strangers.  We feel that if we could simply hear each others’ stories and also feel heard when we told our own stories that great healing could occur…

A Defining Moment in Your Life

January 13, 2007

The Chargers are in the playoffs and we had some of our good friends over to watch the game.  After their loss ☹, Michael, our friends and I went into the living room to chat.  Michael and I had been thinking about the fact that all of us have a story, many stories, that we simply are no longer sharing with one another, so we decided to ask our friends one question that would lead them into a personal story.  The question we asked, Suzanne, Lorrie, Lon and Joel was, “Tell us about a defining moment in your life.”  The stories we heard from our friends, some that we had known for over a decade surprised and overwhelmed us.  We know we are on to something…

Purple Couch on Facebook

January 11, 2007

The Purple Couch will soon be on Facebook. Check back for more information.