Mission Beach, California Purple Couch Shoot

February 17, 2007

Mission Beach, California: President’s Day weekend and it’s 80 degrees out.  It has been raining all week, but today the sky is blue and the people are out in droves.  We still have no idea if anyone will be willing to sit and share their story, or how the day will unfold.  We are just excited that our dream has become a reality.


I am preparing to conduct an interview at Mission Beach in San Diego, CA. Production Coordinator, Michael Esposito (on left), and Editor, Rich Ford (on right), discuss technical issues.

Michael (in pink shirt) discusses next interview with Production Coordinator, Shannon Wickliffe, while Will Marre gets mic’ed by John Churchman.

Enlisting Our Friends

February 12, 2007

We are simply not sure how we are going to pull off a Purple Couch shoot, so we enlist the help of our friends and colleagues.  Shannon Wickliffe an amazing production coordinator that we have worked with so believes in the project that she is willing to volunteer her time to help us get started.  Gregg Simpson, a good friend, and high-end producer-director-editor helps us by pulling a crew together—all of whom agree to work for free or a minimal amount as they too so believe in this project.

We Found Our Purple Couch…

February 8, 2007

We decide to go for it and go online to find our purple couch.   Why purple?  Purple is the color of love, it also signifies royalty, wisdom, creativity, courage and the Divine.  That being said, we found our purple couch and it arrived  and was left on our front lawn in less than a week.

If they carried it all the way into our house it would of cost $75 more…$75 dollars we did not have.