The Purple Couch® began with the belief that what matters most in life was being drowned out by things that didn’t really matter at all. We believed that other people, like us, were also seeking this truth. But, all too often we couldn’t seem to find it. The answer to where the truth was hidden came when we posed the question, “What was a defining moment in your life?” to a group of friends in our living room. It was at that moment we knew exactly what we needed to do.

While we had known some of our friends for over fifteen years their answers that night still surprised and astounded us. We wanted to hear more stories–stories from as many people as we could. We knew that the truth we were seeking would be found in these stories. And, since the people couldn’t come to our living room we decided to bring the living room to the people. The Purple Couch was born.

The Purple Couch® is on a quest throughout America’s “living room” (anywhere the couch lands) seeking to be a platform for the truth about what matters, a platform for the people to speak and be heard. We believe that there is power in our stories–the power that comes with understanding. And, when it finally dawns on us that we have much in more common than that which sets us apart, we will begin to heal as a country and a planet.

Hope to see you soon,

Michael and Cheryl Johnson
Creators of The Purple Couch®