The Purple Couch®:
Television Series Pilot

The Purple Couch® Television Series Pilot (Episode 1) contains six different and compelling stories based on the theme of Love and Forgiveness.  The story-tellers who sit and share their heartfelt stories about love of family, romantic love, love and loss of home and community, and mercy and forgiveness will make you laugh and cry…leaving you wanting more.  Whether it’s Steve’s story about fearing the death of his father in the Vietnam War, or Stoney “B,” a talented New Orleans’ bluesman who is longing for home, you will want to have your own copy of the pilot episode for The Purple Couch® to watch over and over again.

It is but One Couch…with Many Voices.

The Purple Couch®:
Home Edition Game

Just like those who sit and share their stories on, players of The Purple Couch® Home Edition Game will connect to others by sharing their stories. With over 200 questions that you, your friends, co-workers, and social group can answer, you will be amazed by the stories you will both share and hear.

Whether it’s a story about a funny, happy, sad, or perhaps difficult time in your life, The Purple Couch® Home Edition Game is a fun and unique way for you to get to know others—even family member—on a much deeper level.

Sharing stories is powerful. Stories connect us, remind us who we are, and help us to remember our shared humanity.

Try The Purple Couch® Home Edition game and you’ll be amazed at what you’ll find within.